Friday, May 6, 2016


A Very Romantic Asking
was played out this morning in my classroom.
Senior A.K. Manivannan formally asked the great love of his life senior Katherine Ku to the Prom.

He got here early at 7:30 a.m. with his buds to create the setting.
Clever boy brought in Xmas lights
 and pinned them to the wall in the shape of a heart.
He also had one friend at the door letting another friend inside the classroom
 know when to turn out the lights.
A.K. had his guitar in hand 
and when she walked thru the door he began singing to her.
Beautiful roses were waiting for her as she thoroughly enjoyed his performance.
Sorry the pix was so blurry Katherine.
But I managed to get a good one of the both of them when the lights were turned back on.
What I wasn't able to get a shot of was when he kissed the top of her head
 as she was gathering up her goodies.
Sooo sweet!
He adores her.
And below is the sweet poster he made for her.
Memories to last a lifetime,
Hail to Whitney High!