Tuesday, May 24, 2016


comes with thoughtfulness and kindness,
 and a piece of herself.

Senior Hapshiba Kwon and
Fiber Artist Hazel Cindy Montes of Handstories blog fame 
have found each other via my blog,
and I feel have made a lifelong connection thru their love of stitching, 
fiber & the written word.

Hapshiba started following Hazel's blog 
after I bought two stitched art pieces from Hazel to share with my students.
I happened to mention to Hazel how much Hapshiba admired her delicate stitches 
on those sister ships.

Hazel was so moved by Hapshiba's reaction 
that she took it upon herself to make a special work for Hapshiba for a graduation gift.
Here we see Hapshiba as she opens her gift,
and the joy on her sweet face as she holds Hazel's stitched piece up for a picture.

Thank you Hazel for bringing so much joy into one of my all time favorite student's hearts.
It means the world to me.


  1. Oh, Hapshiba, what a beautiful gift for me to see this piece in your hands with your sweet smile! Deb, getting to know you, being inspired by the work you do with your students and their creative spirits, & learning about how special they are has been such a blessing. ox

  2. this is just BeautyFulllll....how perfectly they fit together, the Cloth,
    the love i know that Hazel has and the pleasure in the face of this
    beautyfull Hapshiba... this brings Joy