Saturday, October 31, 2015


My girl,
2015 Alumni Daphne Chiang,
is in her first semester at prestigious Georgetown University in Washington , D.C., 
and loving every second of it.
She's making a great group of new friends,
and visiting the sites,

Her class load is an interesting mix of classes from Disability Studies, 
Religious Studies (the Problem of God),
Chinese III,
Operating Informational Management Systems,
to Ethic Entrepreneurship.
Daphne tells me her days are definitely engaging.

In addition,
 she has joined the Ballroom Dance Team
 and is headed into her first competition with her partner here.

She tutors two days a week for underprivileged children,
many of whom have just arrived in the U.S. and speak no English.
And she has also joined a consulting organization on campus
 that works with social businesses and non-profits,
helping others to give assistance to people in need. 
this is one busy young woman.

Daphne told me that it's so beautiful in D.C. right now.
The leaves are starting to change and fall is in the air.
Hoping for some of that here in the So.Cal.  :)

Know Daphne,
 that we couldn't be prouder of you  here at Whitney.
You are already touching so many lives.
Love and miss you like crazy!


  1. So much to do, but her smile says it all ... what an amazing young woman!

  2. I know that I rarely comment, but I also rarely miss a post. Reading about your students their progress and their successes is always a pleasure. Thanks, Debra, for sharing your students and their work!