Friday, October 2, 2015


small printing press, printmaking paper, cardboard plates & printing ink

I've been teaching this assignment a long time now, 
and the kids always seem to enjoy it.
I think their favorite part is getting to work the printing press,
and then the unveiling of their print.

The students had many choices even though we were short on time.
They made their cardboard plate
and only had to print one embossment.
But if they worked quickly they could also do another embossment and then add a bit of color
like 8th grader Rochelle Serrano did with watercolor above.
And then if there was still a day left
 they could use a brayer and roll printing ink over top their plate 
and either rub or send it thru the press one more time.
You are seeing all the forms above with a close up of the used plate below.
Fantastic work Rochelle!!
And a great design.

Junior Bermice Lin choose to do an embossment and a color print along with it's ghost.
Sometimes the ghost turns out even cooler then the first colored print.
A ghost is pulled right after the first color printing.
You place another fresh paper over top whatever ink is left on the plate 
and send it thru one more time.

Senior Melissa Lanto choose to do two embossments.
I like how she changed up the outside format edging for added interest on her ball player.

And junior Hazel Cruz charmed us with her embossment and pastel colored print.
Her plate is below.

One of the class favorites belonged to senior Karisma Dev.
She went all out on building her plate,
adding seed beads for a super cool effect in the embossment.
You can see the plates get pretty thrashed after you've run them thru the press a couple of times.

Here are the outstanding prints that sweet little 8th grader Iris Choi did.
I really like that she blended her printing colors for a nice visual effect

And junior Christopher Wongsavanh chose a non-objective subject
in which the color print turned out really well.
..I also think I remember he went over the printed color piece with some pastel work. 
Clever young man.

8th grader Sara Ryave blew it out of the water with her brilliant pieces.
I'm always so amazed at the sophisticated work she turns out for such a young one.
And check out how she used hardware in the bordering of her piece.

Here  we have junior Katherine Ku on the left with her King of Diamonds, 
and senior Cryus Salvani with the oval format on the right.
Cyrus' was another class favorite because his plate was so intricately built (very difficult),
and then he was able to get such cool effects with each printing.
Love how the beads stuck to the paper in the bottom one.

What a great assignment to end the year with.
Bravo Beginners!!
Thank you for working so hard for me  

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  1. Printing is something I haven't done (yet?), so I learned a lot by looking at these pieces. The intricacy of some of them is astonishing, particularly given the need to think in reverse. But as always, it is the beach piece by Hazel Cruz that tugs at my heartstrings.