Monday, October 5, 2015


watercolor, ink pen, & colored pencil

This is such a fun assignment to end the 7th graders on.  
They have come to really enjoy working in watercolor by this point,
and they also really like to doodle or Zentangle.
So we put it all together to find these little creatures within the design.

This first one is the work of Gabriela Roxas.
She has chosen a complimentary color scheme to work in,
and put a lot of great emphasis on her fish so that the piece has a 3-d feel to it.

Next is Malia Pulido.
I really like how she has brought in the colored pencil to help pop all her special areas
which also helps to balance the whole composition.

Here is the work of Jessica Uyan.
She has found so many adorable little creatures within her piece.
Look closely to see if you can find them all.

Look at this cutie by Sydney Eng.
She is working in a monochromatic color palette.
What's so cool is that the 7th graders have learned all their color schemes 
so they can name the one they are working in.

Oh my gosh Emma Yang.
Look at all the adorable critters you have found in your piece!!

And this one was one of my favorites by Ethan Bao.
I love how he found and developed this large creature 
with the smaller ones floating around it.

There is a lot of Zentangling going on in this next one by Shannon Carizon.
And she has spaced it out so evenly for a great balance within her work.

We've got a very pleasing analogous colorway going on in this next one
 by Annie Lin.
And check out all the creatures she has found.

And we end with Megan Ly's work.
Look at her beautiful and precise craftsmanship as she Zentangles her way thru this piece.

Well, we've come to the end of the posts for the 2014-2015 school year.
I'm only 2 months into this next school year
(I know, I'm a bit tardy)
even thought I tried my best to keep up and post all summer long.
What's left is the Senior Farewell which I will start working on tonight.
It will probably be in 3 parts and takes a couple of weeks to put together.
So Seniors, 
I apologize for taking so dang long.
I know you've been waiting all summer.
Just a little longer

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  1. Annie Lin's colors really drew me in (and yes, that's very subjective), but that caused me to look that much closer and discover the "childhood juice" floating in the midst of her imaginary world. Hold that thought!!