Thursday, October 22, 2015


So here we go my beloved seniors,
your final good-bye and send off.
Sorry it took me so long to get it up.

Who better to start with then my trusty T.A. Sean Dezfulian.
I think I made Sean work harder in my class
 then he worked his whole High School career  LOL

Thank you Sean for going back and forth constantly to my car to haul in all my shit,
for stirring those messy glazes,
for lifting all the heavy stuff, 
for running countless errands,
and all the other endless tasks that I had for you.
And then looking as cool as a cucumber like it was no big deal  LOL
You made each one of my days as a teacher so much easier.
You lightened my load.
I will miss your smart alec ways,
and the fact that you always got my snide remarks as well.
You are in my heart,
actually have been since the 7th grade  :)

Adhora Islam and Evelyn Aldana,
I  so enjoyed working with and getting to know the two of you so much.
The creative energy that came out of you both was huge!!
And you were such an inspiration to the younger kids.
Thank you for your patience with them.
I will miss you two!

Crazy talented Nathon Chong.
It was so frustrating to actually get you to work in class,
but when you did,
such a pleasure to watch you create.
Images and designs flow from your fingers to the paper,
 and I'm hoping you will be able to use this gift in your future.

And speaking of gifts,
you Micheal Cantu,
have so much artistic talent that you consistently brought to the table.
You also have been blessed with the artistic gene,
 and it was truly remarkable to watch you produce on a daily basis.
And on top of all that,
what a wonderful person you are.
It was a pleasure and a treat to be your art teacher.

Jovani Garcia,
what a blow to us all that you were't able to be with us on Graduation.
Know that you were in our hearts as we marched that day.
I'm also so very sad that I wasn't able to hug you good bye and wish you well.
So hoping one day you will be back so we can share that hug,
I'll also be able to give you back your portfolio and get back my watercolor brush  LOL
What I loved the most about you Jovani, 
was that you were always with me whenever I spoke or demoed anything.
You got all my subtle nuisances and snarky remarks,
even  when it went right over the other kids heads.
You are mature beyond your years and a fine young man.
Please stop in and see me one last time.

Anna Lee,
I waited forever for you to come back to me.
You were an awesomely talented artistic 7th grader,
 and it took you 5 years before you could fit me back into your busy schedule.
It was worth the wait!
You produced so many uniquely beautiful & sensitive art pieces in the 3-D class.
And I loved that you were brave enough to give that spinning wheel a try.  
It was like watching a bird fly home.
That spinning wheel, drum carder and you belonged together  LOL
May your next journey be as wonderful as your one thru my art classes.

Sunny Kim.
I love you.
It was such a joy for me to be your teacher.
You bring out the best in everyone and bless us with your smile everyday.
You lit up the art room with your warmth and goodness,
and your art pieces were truly wonderful,
just like you.
I feel very fortunate that I own your wooden figure.
It hangs in my art studio where I look at it everyday and think of you.
You are forever in my heart!

Reis Masaka and Laarnie Barcelon
Who knew,
 in your junior year,
that you two would become more then friends your senior year.
It was a treat for me to watch your love bloom 
as the two of you became best friends.
I want to especially thank you,
 for you and your family's generosity and graciousness.
You continually thought of me for all the special occasions 
with your delicious gifts
you brought for my husband and  I.
And you remembered me even in your senior year 
when you didn't even have my class!!
Your thoughtfulness and kindness touched my heart.
You are a keeper!
Laarnie is very lucky to have you in her life.
She can learn a lot from you.

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