Saturday, October 24, 2015


I know,
I play favorites.
Don't we all as human beings??
You just can't help connecting more with some people then others.
And I think it's pretty obvious I connected with these three Intermediate 3-D gals.
From left to right:
Daphne Chiang, me, Bianca Tolentino, & Kaili Hamada.
A more civilized pix  :)

I had a blast with you guys,
teaching many of my favorite art forms.
It's a wonderful feeling to be able to pass on the Fiber Arts,
a lost art/craft in America.
I'm thinking that through so many of you,
you will be able to pass it on in college,
and so forth and so on.

Bianca Tolentino,
a Renaissance woman,
talented in so many of the Fine Arts,
and academically brilliant as well.
Your gifts,
 with your sense of the Dramatic will take you far.
You are an outside of the box thinker
which led you to creative many of the most unique pieces these past two years.
It was always a wonderful surprise looking forward to
 and seeing what you where going to come up with.
Wait till those college professors get a hold of you,
they are going to love you like I do.

All three of these young women worked their fingers to the bone for me,
putting in countless extra hours to pull off their amazing creations.
Before school, snack, lunch, 7th period and after school were a daily norm for them.
It's a beautiful thing to see dedication like that in this new computer generation.
Kaili and Bianca sculpting their plaster torsos.

Some of my favorite pix this year where captured by these 3 monkeys
 as they'd grab my camera
 and start shooting pix of themselves.
And then I'd get home and find them on my disk.
I'd be laughing out loud when I saw them.
And knew they would be perfect for the Tribute.

Other times they were just so darn cute ...
.I couldn't resist taking more pix of these characters.

Or times like these when they were so deep into right brain 
that they didn't even know I was watching them.

As you can see I probably have the most shots of Kaili,
 (she has a bit of indigo dye on her cheek)
because she was in the art room ALL THE TIME the past two years.
She threw herself into so many of the art forms
 and then continued to work on them
 long after the other kids had moved onto something else.
She made use of those TYE-Dye buckets until she exhausted them.
She spun more yarn on the spinning wheel then any other student.
She was possessed  :)

As many of you have been following the blog know,
Kaili is now an Art Major at the University of Hawaii.
Her passion for learning and the arts is a beautiful thing.
And I'm so grateful to have worked with one so dedicated.
I miss you like crazy Kaili-girl.
The lei I wore around my neck during graduation
 was made for me by Kaili and her mother. 
They strung many meaningful trinkets on the lei that they knew I would enjoy.
Thank you mom and Kaili for the lovely gift.
It hangs in my studio office so that I see it everyday,
and reminds me of this wonderful young woman.
Love you Kaili!!!

My sweet, sweet Daphne.
You make my heart expand because you fill it with so much love.
We connected instantly in your 7th grade year,
and our paths came together again in your junior year
 when you were able to come back to me
for Beginning and Intermediate 3-D art.
And last year I discovered that you are just as clumsy as I am,
so we will always be connected thru that as well  LOL
You have been an absolute JOY to work with.
Your innate sense of design and impeccable craftsmanship
 sets your pieces apart from the others.
Your hard work and dedication to all your classes sets you apart as well.
You are both an academic and an artist,
the best of both worlds.
I cannot wait to see where your journey will take you.
I do know that you will touch many lives with your big heart.
Know Daphne,
that you inspire me to be a better person.
Thank you for always giving me your best,
even when it was difficult to do so.
This pix of you above is one of my favorites from this year.
Clever of you to use your sweater as a dust mask.
Like I've told you many times,
your amazing critical thinking skills will take you far  :)

Love you to the moon and back sweet girl!

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  1. A wish for these special young women: may you find this much happiness in your adult lives. Remember how good it feels to create and smile and lose all sense of time passing ... this is what we were born to do!