Friday, October 9, 2015



During the 2006-07 school year I started this new assignment in my Beginning 3-D class.
I had the kids tye-dye 2 pieces of fabric
 and use one piece for the front of their appliquilt, 
and the other for the back side.
I left subject matter up to them.
We rolled the edges inward and whipped them down,
and they were able to choose which embroidery stitch to applique the design edges down  with.
I like to make demo pieces with the kids so that I keep one day ahead of them.
Sometimes I finish them and some years I don't  LOL
I really liked this one so I did follow thru and get it done.
Then we made a paper mache' display frame to float the pieces in.
I also encourage the kids to use the Kantha stitch to fill in the background.
We call it "Chicken Scratch".
This first year we lined them with fabric.
On the next years you will see it lined with paper collage.

This was the next school year's sample,
my favorite.
I recycled a sterling bead necklace to outline Vincent in,
and also incorporated a Shisha mirror in the upper left corner.
Both of these pieces are now owned by my good friend and neighbor Rebecca,
 up at the cabin,
 for her new home she just purchased.
Vincent is her housewarming gift cuz she told me how much she loves it,
and she bought the "Wishing You Were Home" piece at my Studio Tour.
I'm thrilled to know they will be going to such a loving home 
and that they will be almost right next door for me to visit.

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  1. These are so whimsical ... I can see why you had to see it through to what they would become. Likewise, I'm glad you will be able to visit them, both here and at your neighbor's ...