Monday, May 12, 2014

Welcome Aboard 4th Quarter 7th Graders

graphite on paper

Just when I think a group of kids can't be any more wonderful, we switch them up and here comes another outstanding crop to share my love of art with.
4th quarter, you young ones are impressing me right out of the gate.
Here we go..
Emma Centeno has a huge love of kitties and manages to incorporate them into all her sweet pieces.

Liam Abalos is coming to me with hugely sophisticated design and craftsmanship skills apparent in his stairway above. 

Kiana Hernandez came up with this very cool design above, and if you'll notice, two of these pieces also have text incorporated.  
I like that! 

Queena Hoang brings her interest of dance into her composition.

And Lina Kim is making breakfast for us.
Clever kids.
Looking forward to sharing more of their work.

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  1. I love these value scale projects! As a brand new teacher of 7th and 8th graders, I would love to hear how you go about assigning this project! How do you get your students to create such imaginative and fun designs, and especially those who decide to create 2??

    Also: how long do you give them from start to finish and what are the grading requirements?

    Wonderful work. Thank you for sharing!