Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Beginners at their Best

graphite, pen & India ink, watercolor, glitter, sequins, & feathers

I'm always so proud to show these off because the results are so striking.
The project was to draw a silhouette of their choosing onto a large piece of 18" by 24" paper, and then to draw from plants around the room right over top their silhouettes in the negative space drawing technique.
Then the students decide what's going to be black versus white, and fill the black areas in with India ink.
When the ink is dry they choose an additional medium to bring in to the work.
And over the years the kids have come up with lots of creative solutions.

In this first stunning piece by senior Erin Sun, she has brought in just the right amount of watercolor.
And below, senior Yoo-Bin Han uses the smallest amount of blue glitter for that "A ha" factor in her Spock.

Junior Nathan Chong is inspired by Disney's Peter Pan, and chooses watercolor a lite dusting of watercolor.
Junior Michael Cantu floats lovely watercolor lilies amongst his lighthouse landscape for a very 3-d effect.

And senior John Gaintano brings watercolored text to balance out his work, while senior Tim Creasy chooses the perfect bead to embellish hi bird's eye with.

And Annie Ro, senior, chooses feathers for her special touch in the pretty piece above.
Junior Sunny Kim choice are sequins below. 
So feminine and the perfect accompaniment!

And lastly, sophomore Elias Rodriquez gives us this very complex piece with so much to delight the eye.   
I've really enlarged it so you can see all his cool ideas, and how he's brought them together as one which is very difficult to do. 
I love how this young man continues to push himself way beyond my rubric requirements.

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