Sunday, May 18, 2014

Follow the Bouncing Ball

graphite, colored pencil

I introduced you to these young ones last week with their value scale designs.
Their sphere ideas were just as wonderful as you will see.

Coming into the class with exceptional skills for one so young is Lina Kim with this remarkable piece above.

Sweet young Emma Centeno already has a signature style going on by finding a way to incorporate kittens into all her pieces.  She is another coming in with highly sophisticated skills. 

And I adore that Sahana Ramesh, little sis of senior Aditi (one of my ceramic super stars) was brave enough to show me great design with colored pencils around her sphere.

And lastly, very talented Queena Hoang gives us this whimsical composition full of fun.

Love my new batch of kids!
I feel blessed everyday to be teaching at Whitney High.  :)

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