Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Going for a Bit of Realism in Tempera

tempera, cardstock

At the beginning of the school year my beginners were introduced to tempera in their color theory unit.
I asked them to paint their color wheel and schemes in a very flat, opaque and graphic style.
But during 4th quarter we re-visit it in a much more realistic way.

This first one was done by junior Sunny Kim.
She is easily one of my strongest beginners this year and I'm sure hoping to see her next year in the Intermediate class.
Her designs are always lovely and beautifully crafted.

Junior Michael Cantu, whose work we've seen this year several times is also doing an outstanding job with the very tricky tempera.  
It's a frustrating medium to work in because it dries so quickly.

And junior Nathan Chong gives us an equally wonderful work with this piece above.

Note:  I want all you young ones back next year, I still have so much to teach you!

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