Monday, May 19, 2014

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

clay, glazes, oxides & paper collage

Last school year we experimented with paper collage on the clay's surface, and we liked it so much that this year I required it on the glazed slab boxes.
Loved the results!
My favorite was done by junior Ju Eun Lee above.
Those kisses look so real, and the blue and white strips are the perfect compliment.

Senior Allison Trsn incorporated sheet music with her tissue paper for a beautiful look.

And junior Mindy Kim went all out giving special attention to her stamped and carved surfaces with ceramic watercolors and melted glass shards.  For her collaged area she gives us sweet puffy clouds and blue skies. 

This pretty piece above was inlayed with our artic white and cafe cinco clays from Aardvark in Santa Ana, Ca..  
Both fire to cone 5 (2150 degrees).
Senior Minette Tsang was the artist.

Jocelyn Kim, senior, built this stunning box above but chose not to paper collage.
Instead, she melted glass shards into her carve out areas.

Another favorite was this one by junior Erin Hsaio.
Love the combination of the newspaper text and pattern paper that she overlapped.

I was thrilled to see junior Tiffany Chu embellish her box with beads and stones along with her paper collage.
This gives me another great idea for next year.
Thanks Tiffany.

Senior Neha Jain also chose to inlay our white and red clays for a beautiful designed box.

And senior Megan Yeu came up with this super original design for her box.
If you are wondering where her paper collage is, it's in the eye area. 

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