Sunday, March 16, 2014

Recycling At It's Best


When I first started this assignment about 5 or 6 years ago, I required the kids to include angle wings on their abstract human figures, thus "Wood Angels".  But as the assignment has evolved, we've dropped the wing requirement, and brought in more whimsical characters.  So not just abstract human figures, but animals, insects, you name it, it's been done.  
The kids love working with the wood, especially learning to use the power tools.  I do a big safety demo., then monitor and check the students as they are learning to use them for the first time.  They learn to saw, sand, drill, chisel, dremel, wood burn, stain and use the jigsaw, and circular miter saw.  
Scary, yes, a little, but so worth it, as you will see in the results. 
Youngster Kaili Hamada (junior) here accidentally chiseled into her finger.  
So occasionally accidents do happen but all is well, it's all healed up now, and she's a happy camper as you can see. 

Here we go!
One of my favorite wood pieces this year, because it had so much personality, was created by senior Megan Yeu.  
I was thrilled that she was able to do a lot of up-cycling with hardware store findings that I pick up at garage sales.

Senior Jinnie Choi made this adorable, interactive bunny.  The head bobs back and forth, and I really like how she has shredded up fiber and glued it down for fur.  Very tactile!

Another favorite was made by junior Jonathon Madamba who took advantage of the wood burning tools as well as paper collage.

Junior Clarissa Bloemhof also brought in a lot of wood burning along with her wonderful paper collage.  Love that she has built an umbrella as an accessory which brings even more appeal to her work.

Senior Vinisha Kothari went all out on hers.  You can't tell the scale from the pix , but it was ginormous, and very impressive; full of color, wood burned designs and fun!  Below you can get a better idea of the size of this piece.

Here is senior Rebecca Tjahja cutting away with the jig saw to shape her wings.  And above is her finished piece.  Notice how she has built her boy and girl figures completely with hardware findings on top of the paper collaged heart?  Very cool solution!

Next we have the work of the very handsome and debonair young junior Justin Jang.  Love his take on Spiderman!

8th grader Annie Lin has cleverly used twigs for her arms, legs and neck.  She has also done a beautiful job with her staining and wood burning.

Senior Esther Woo has made this adorable young girl by incorporating recycled laces, and hardware pins for arms and legs.  But it's the idea for the dolls hair that is brilliant; gluing down the sawdust shavings that we were going to throw away.  Fantastic critical thinking woman!

8th grader Cassidy Chansirik brings so much personality to her doll by the tip of the head, the miss matched buttons, crooked smile and wire wrapped hair.  So sweet Cassidy!

This next one by junior Bianca Tolentino has so much content built in thru attention to detail.  Wow, heck out the side view below as well!

Senior Ema Shah made an adorable Santa complete with toy bag.
And junior Daphne Chiang gives us a sweet young woman dressed for the prom.  
  At least that's where I think she's going.  :)
I hope all of you have enjoyed seeing so many of the finished wood pieces.  
These kids worked so very hard to make them as wonderful as possible.


  1. I love seeing the creative goodies that your students have made. What a great class - so much fun!!!

  2. oh WOW, these are absolutely fabulous, please congratulate your pupils on their excellent results!

  3. I wish we had power tools in the art room when I was in school. Sharing creativity and learning new skills is so cool.

  4. Very fun up-cycling art work! What creative students!!