Monday, March 24, 2014

The Laarnie and Reis Show

featuring juniors Laarnie Barcelon and Reis Misaka

In the Intermediate class the students learn how to use a sewing machine, then go onto making an Art Quilt.  We use Professional Quiltmaker Gwen Marston's book "Liberated Quiltmaking" to work from which basically means using no templates, just free form cutting our edges.  This year we also worked out of Professional Quiltmaker Ricky Tims book "Convergence Quiltmaking".  
As always the quilts turned out delightful, creative and so unique.

First I'd like to show off Reis' extraordinary piece with his design based on Japanese calendar cards that he brought in to reference. 
He handstitched one for each month of the year, and then appliqued them to his liberated foundation.  
Talk about focused and time consuming. 
Here is a close-up below so you can see his attention to detail.
Truly amazing!

Laarnie was really inspired by Ricky Tim's work which is also based on free form cutting, but also on optical illusions.   If you look closely you will see a lot of tricky woven strips running thru the center area. 
Both kids worked from donated fabrics that they had to color co-ordinate for visual flow.
They also learned to machine quilt thru all 3 layers, and to applique a signed and dated label to the backside.
The final step being learning how to make and put on a binding edge, just like the pros.

Fantastic job you two! 

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