Sunday, March 9, 2014

Saori Studio L.A.

Professional Fiber Artist Laura Roveda

Loom Weaving is making a big time come back here in the U.S., thanks to Misao Jo and her sons Kenzo and Eiji from Japan.
They call it SAORI, weaving as a way to discover our true selves and to expressing our individual creativity;  and to be courageous enough to think outside the box.

In my early 30's I took formal weaving classes with master weaver Elizabeth Serbel of Whittier Ca.   She had at least 10 huge floor looms in her living room, and her dining room table was our classroom where she taught us the formal structure of weaving and all the traditional patterns.  She stood over us like a nun with her ruler and made sure we did every move just so as we wove on her large monster floor looms.  It was very time consuming and meticulous, and over time, I stopped weaving altogether, except to teach it to my beginning 3-D art students in a much more pleasurable way.
But recently, thru the internet and FB, I've been meeting weavers all over the world that are weaving in this Japanese Saori style that really appeals to me.  Enough so that I googled it to find a studio close to me that teaches it and carries the looms and equipment needed.  And all you artists out there know we can never have enough new equipment to create with, right?
So this last weekend off I went, accompanied by my husband to meet fiber artist Laura Roveda of Saori Studios L.A. in the beautiful L.A. suburb of Sherman Oaks, right off of Ventura Blvd., where many of the movie stars live and hang out.
Laura's studio is in her gorgeous home on a hillside with lush trees and gardens all around.  The next time I visit I want to take a pix, so lovely there.  She lives in a multi-level home, and her studio is on one of the upper levels facing west, so it's filled with sunlight.
She spent hours teaching us to weave on a Saori loom in the Saori style.  I have to tell you it was very liberating, nothing like the tedious weaving I learned to do with Elizabeth  years ago.  I was enchanted with her garment she had created in the Saori style, check out the cool belt that connects front to back as well as the use of the fringed end to accent the shoulder area; plus the diagonal styling, marvelous for the eye.
Her studio is filled with color and beauty everywhere you look.  
She goes to Japan at least once a year to bring back treasures that fill her space.
So, you must be wondering did I purchase a Saori loom?  You betcha!
I'ts a beautifully crafted floor loom that folds for easy storage and transportation.
And of course I had to buy a couple of books for added inspiration.
Junior Karisma Dev will be the first one of my students to try it out as she is doing an extensive weaving unit right now. 
 Pix to follow.
Oh boy, can't wait to get started!
Thank you again Laura for all you help and guidance.  
It was such a pleasure spending time with you.


  1. Oooo...what loveliness!!...I have just purchased a loom and without knowing it, my first two projects turned out Saori-ish. Such delight! I am envious of your lessons with Laura. I will be seeking out lessons as well in Victoria BC, Canada. I am surrounded by weavers here on Vancouver Island and surrounding smaller islands. I am addicted to weaving..can't get enough of Saori.

  2. I know just how you feel -- I didn't have any weaving experience at all when I sat down at a Saori loom on Salt Spring Island, in Terri Bibby's studio. Just a few months later I bought a loom and it's been a wonderful, creative experience since.

  3. I know just how you feel. I didn't have any weaving experience when I sat down at a Saori loom in Terri Bibby's studio on Salt Spring Island, but something sure stirred in me. Within a few months I had bought a loom and now I'm on this amazing creative experience.