Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My 7th Graders Rock!


Zentangling has become so popular here in the U.S. with adults, but the kids love it as well.  When I was growing up we called it doodling.  My students love this assignment.  They learn about color schemes and how to lay down a watercolor wash backdrop.  And they get to doodle to their hearts content.
I have them make 4 very small practice designs, then pick their favorite.  They must freehand that onto the watercolor background in ink pen.  No pencil sketching first (takes too much time and I only have them for 8 weeks)
This first one really stood out as being very sophisticated  in design.  It was made by Eugene Ho.

Marcos Patino created this striking piece above.  The students loved it!

This next very intricate piece was done by super star Victoria Tran. 

And these next two beauties were made by Daniella Cruz and Emily Chen.  What's so cool is how different they all are.  I hate it when art teachers make everybody paint the same picture.  :(

Omkar Hanamsagar and Alexa Cruz created these last two very thought provoking works.

You can really see I have a lot of new talent in this bunch, can't wait till they get older and come back for more art classes.

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