Thursday, January 31, 2013

7th Grade Graphite Spheres

Here we are again with the work of my 2nd quarter 7th graders.  
This is their 2nd assignment:  to draw a sphere and shade it in with one light source which also includes a cast shadow and horizon.  Then the rest of the piece is open for interpretation.  This is a 3 day assignment.  One day to practice and 2 days to complete the piece I will grade.
Above we have Manan Shah with his very sensitive drawing.
This next piece was done by Julie Guan.  She has put in incredible range of value (which I encourage), and very smooth transitions.  But what makes her piece especially nice are the ribbons and hearts.  Lovely Julie! 
And below hers is her partner in crime, Margaret Yiu.  These two girls are inseparable   They come into my room at lunch, glued at the hip, giggling so sweetly to say hello.  You can see that Margaret is coming to me with some very strong drawing skills already in place.
Wonderful job all of you!

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