Thursday, January 24, 2013

Esperanza High School Ceramics - Part Two

Kevin Kowalski has a great clay program going on at Esperanza High, especially for a newbie.  I think this is only his 3rd of 4th year there.
These are the pinch techniques Mr Kowalski employs in his classroom, all made by my doll-face, Danielle.  A pinch bowl turned into a mug with repetitive design round the top lip (a little hard to see because of the thick glaze)
Two pinch closed forms, the sweet little armadillo above, and the lovely giraffe below.  The neck is a hollow  pinch tube and the legs are solid coils all scored and slipped on.  Can't quite remember where Dan put the hole for the air to escape so it won't blow up in the kiln.
Work inspired from another clay artist, below.  Dani used ceramic pencils to draw her design then transparent glaze over top these pinch teacups.  She may even have painted porcelain slip over top her cups while they were still plastic because you can see how it's chipping away a bit before she applied her glaze.
Loved her whimsical teapot she built using a pinch technique.  I am especially impressed with her sense of surface design around the shoulder and bottom rim area.
There is one more piece that I forgot to photograph, and it's one of my favorites that she gave me as a gift.  I will try not to forget to share it at a later date.

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