Saturday, January 5, 2013

Perspective Finals

By the end of our 1st Quarter my Intermediate 2 -D students have a good grasp of both 1 and 2 point perspective as well as shading, so I send them out around the school to find the perfect spot to draw from.  They can be inside our building or they may choose to draw outside in the weather.  I warn them to find an overhang because we always seem to get some rain during this time of the year.  I have them choose between a 1 or 2 point of view and then draw the foundation of the school they see from their perspective.  We also incorporate some sighting skills; this is a Dr. Betty Edwards "Right Brain" technique that helps with proportion and scale that they learned in the Beginning 2-D class.  After they set their foundation they are required to alter the reality in the piece, and this is where the fun and creativity comes in.

Let's see what junior Megan Yeu has done with her design.  She chose to draw the outside front entrance to our school.  There is a huge tree there that she used to her advantage to help with her altering, as well as some great overhead wood beams to anchor her structure.  I really encouraged the kids to alter their lines as well.  I give them a "B", "3B" and "6B" pencil to help them change up the value and texture within their lines.  Megan totally got what I wanted and has really played with her lines for a very intriguing work. 

Now look at what junior Micheala Platt has done.  She also chose to draw outside, this time it's the north side entrance to our school.  Besides her terrific job of altering reality, she has also brought into the piece a lot of sensitive shading.  Michaela spent lots of extra time working at home to make this piece exceptional.
And look at her attention to detail, wow!  Incredible piece kiddo.

Senior Kevin Tang turned the teacher's lounge into a mermaid tank, and even went as far as sewing pearls onto their tails.  Very cool idea Kevin, and way to incorporate your crafts skills from 3-D art  :) 
And senior Belinda Wu did a phenomenal job turning the teacher's cooking area into a partial woodland wonderland.  Belinda is another who spends a great deal of extra time at home making her piece exceptional. 

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