Monday, January 28, 2013

Finally... Meet My 2nd Quarter 7th Graders

It was love from day one of Second Quarter when these 30 sweet babies walked in my door for the first time.  So tentative and shy, so wanting to please, so sweet and well-behaved.  Are these 7th graders???  Yep!
Okay, I can do this  :)
These pieces are from their first assignment, their value scales.  In this piece I'm able to see what their design skills are like, as well as evaluate their craftsmanship.  Like First Quarter, I'm seeing a lot of talented kids.

Adriane Tam starts us off above with a very solid composition .  I like how she fills the whole piece of paper with design. She also has very nice craftsmanship skills and a textural shading style.
Next we have Raymond Ouyang with this fun hot dog.  I like how he bordered this piece and how clean his work is.  His shading style is very soft.
Kathleen Vo also knows how to fill the page and she has a lovely shading style.  The kids only had to do 5 value steps, but Kathleen was able to show me 9.  Way to go little one!
And then there is Margaret Yiu, a remarkable young artist who not only did a phenomenal job with the assignment, but then went on to create another below.  Wow!!!
Highly impressive young one  :)

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