Monday, January 7, 2013

Prismacolor Metamorphasis - Student Work

Senior Laura Kadi is my sole 3rd year 2-D student, a very difficult class to make it into.  Laura just finished this lovely prismacolor piece in which she had to morph two unlike objects.  she choose a young girl and a hilltop waterfall.  Prismacolor is a waxy colored pencil and a bit challenging to learn to use.  I feel that Laura did an excellent job with both the morph and the pencils.  But what I especially love is how she framed out her piece which was her final assignment for 1st quarter.  She began with corrugated cardboard and collected a bunch of vegetation to embellish the top with, as well as bringing it into the work itself.  
Brilliant piece Laura!  I'm so proud of you!    

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