Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 - Only a Memory

Our School Dye Garden...
dressed for the Holiday with a very unusual colored pumpkin. 
A wish from our ASB kids...
and our giant Scroll bulb starting to sprout.

The Bird -Before
Marinated overnite inside and out with olive oil, rosemary from my garden, fresh garlic, sea salt and pepper.
Stuffed with more rosemary, onion and lemon wedges.
The Bird - After
After 4 hours of being roasted in the bar-b-que with rosemary sprigs soaked in water then placed on the grill to steam and infuse favor into the bird.  It works.  Moist & delicious!
The Pies
Kahlua Cheescake from Maria Calender's from Zach
Apple from Dani's boyfriend Steven
and Homemade Pumpkin courtesy of Dani's Cal Poly Bestfriend Megan 
and they where um um good!
Turkey Soup getting started in the Crock Pot two days later.
Thanksgiving Day from our Front Porch
Beautiful and Sunny
The Cooks (Inars and Deb)
The Guests (Zach, Dani, Jim, Megan And James)
 and The Help (Zach on Dishes), (Bogie and Sophie) on licking those paper plates clean
and a very Happy and Full Boy that night in his Snuggie on his guitar, singing his heart out to Sophie and I.
As junior Kaya Quarles would say"  It's gonna be good!", and it was  :)

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