Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2 Point Box Constructions - Student Work

It is very rare for me to put up everyone's piece for each project on the blog.  I usually only showcase the best of the best.  So it's really remarkable when all the students make the cut as in this particular assignment. Congrats to all 5 of you!
This is an Intermediate 2-D perspective assignment that the students over the years have made so much more complex then it really is, which is delightful to me!  The basic requirements were to draw a minimum of 3 boxes using graphite in 2 point perspective, making sure that one of the boxes sits atop another in some creative way.   And to bring in a light source thru shading as well as bring a bit of color into the work.  Then to put a border around it.
Junior Megan Yeu has done just that and more in her piece here. She's brought in people, landscaping with waterbased pastels, and then bordered it in a very pleasing way for a very pretty work.  

Another junior, Michaela Platt, has designed a pirate's paradise with a very pleasing border that ties it all together.  As you are looking at these note the difference in the students shading styles.  I encourage everyone to find their own style whether thru using hatchure strokes, crosshatching, paper stump blending, etc.

Here is senior Belinda Wu, a very talented designer, who puts in incredible amounts of time and effort into her pieces as well as bringing in a touch of content as well.  I love that!

Senior Kevin Tang's work is always chock full of content above.  And I also like how he's bringing in some splatter effects.
And lastly, senior Halah Elsahhar has created a very unique and lovely design.  I really like how she is mixing media with the ink and graphite.  And those floating stairs are spectacular!

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  1. You are right; they are all just beautifully done and all deserved to be on your blog. What a delight for you to have such talented students. And your guidance has fostered their creative juices. Your students will never forget the time they have spent with you. I had such an art teacher in high school and I have never forgotten him.