Thursday, December 20, 2012

7th Grade Collage Boxes & Pendants

Yes, I still have a ways to go with my 1st Quarter 7th graders before I can show off my 2nd Quarter younguns. As this assignment is repeated the kids are coming up with new solutions for the tops of their lids.  I really like that Maansi Shah added buttons to her top and Kristina Theam a pretty black bow to hers.
Let's take a peek and see what Maansi has inside her box.  She chose to wire wrap her favorite pencil as her pendant.  Very cool!
 Jackie Kan has made a delightful bow from tissue.  Check out her twisted flower core.  Love it!
And here is Jackie's gorgeous pendant inside.  Wow!!

And Mira Modha has used some great graphic tissue from Chico's and incorporated it into her lid, along with some zebra stripped paper.  And let's see what her pendant is all about.  How cute, a scrabble piece with her initial.  
Great job you sweet little ones, you make me proud!

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