Friday, December 28, 2012

Fed Ex - Shipping Isn't What it Used to Be

I'm constantly on the look-out for new artists and ideas for my students.  Two recent new finds are Art Propelled.  It features artist Robyn Gordon, a wood carver from KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.  And thru her blog I discovered Deeann Rieves.  Deeann was having a sale of several of her works, and I purchased the piece below. 
Now mind you, shipping and handing on a piece this large is astronomical.  Thank goodness Deeann packed it as well as she did because above is how Fed Ex delivered it to my door.  I think I should get my money back from them.  This is the second time in a month that something has arrived from Fed Ex in this condition.  Shameful!
Deeann's work is right up my alley.  She combines all the media I love; watercolor, vintage fabrics, and stitching.  Please take the time to visit her site.  My camera does not do her work justice.

"Deeann Rieves received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Memphis College of Art in December 2007 with an emphasis on painting.  She works full time in her studio and her mixed-media paintings have been featured in numerous solo exhibitions and juried group shows across the United States. Her paintings combine fabric, machine embroidery, and fiber techniques that disrupt and distort the surfaces, which become their own organic forms of sculptural painting."
My students were fascinated with her work and I could totally see trying something similar with my 3rd year 3-D kids. 
Thank you Deeann for your inspiring work.

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  1. Very beautiful and interesting work! Have you sew it?