Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Polymer Clay Knots - My Work

Every Holiday Season I love to make something special for my Art Techs, my student helpers, to go with the gift cards I give to each.  I have six T.A.'s this year; Brianna, Gisel, Phoebe, Joyce, Emily and alumni Alyssa.  All of these young ones have or did have classes with me and know the ropes in my classroom.  There is no way that I could do all I get to do without them.

I made these polymer clay knots with the leftover scraps that the kids gave me back at the end of the polymer unit.  I marbleized different combinations together and rolled each into a very long coil with tapered ends.  Then I tied them into knots.
I have to give credit to Art Tech Joyce, who picked out beads to go with each knot and strung them for me.  She had no idea that she was helping me with her own gift, he he.  Sorry Joyce.  But I did give her first pick  LOL

Thank you ALL so much for the endless things you help me with, for your patience with me, and for your constant positive attitudes that you bring to me everyday.  Especially you Joyce, I always give you the most tedious jobs, you are an angel.  You have saved me hours and hours of work sorting and putting away all the donated items we received this year.  I will be forever grateful.  
Happy Holidays to you all, I love you!!     

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  1. I've really enjoyed exploring your site, and will be following with interest :) Elizabeth