Friday, December 14, 2012

Moonbabies - Student Work

I'm finally getting around to showing off some of my Ceramics I students and their work.  Their first assignment came out incredibly well, Zambian inspired Moonbabies.  These are abstract figure sculptures.  In this first assignment they learned how to wedge the clay, a recycling technique that re-purposes the clay so it can be used over again.  They formed the body by manipulating the clay which means pushing and pulling.  They were not allowed yet to add separate pieces.  So even the arms and legs where pulled from one main piece of clay.  These were many of the best in the class.

Below we have junior Tim Creasy.  What I loved was his use of metal staples to hold his body together with.  Very cool Tim!

The beautifully crafted one above was made by junior Aditi Ramesh, and below we have the works of  senior Hylie Jeffries and Allen Min.

Above are very complex pieces by juniors Carol Oh and Shamara Mustafa.  Below is a very elegant sculpture by Justyn Li.
And below, these 3 fun pieces belong to junior Nathan Baldonado, and seniors Emmerline Kim and and Kevin Luong.  Notice how expressive they all are?  That was built into the assignment.
And lastly you see the works of seniors Sandra Osuji and Sophia Lu below. 
Great job all of you!

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