Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Wonderful World of Tye-Dye Student Work

Oh Boy, did the kids in the Beginning 3-d class have fun learning how to tye-dye.
You can see we used rubber bands, paper clips, clothes pins, staples and string to resist the dyes.  The kids were given the 3 primary colors to dip into as well as black.  These were their results:
Junior Lily Lin

Junior Mark Ilog

Senior Aparna Vancheswaran

Senior Luis Gomez

Junior Sara Shams

Junior Joy Chung

Junior Julia Chanco

Sophomore Alex Rendon

and junior Sheila San Agustin.  Now I know those of you, like me, who grew up in the 1970's are wondering if we do any traditional tye-dye patterns.  Of course,  you can see one below

done by junior Tiffany Lee.  These gorgeous pieces of cloth are going to be the backdrop for a fabric journal the kids will be making a little later in the semester.  In years past they were the foundation for our appliquilts the kids made like the one below by alumni Ashley Chang who graduated in 09.  You might recall that her appliquilt along with this year's senior Kelsey Lee and 09 Alumni Kevin Ni where featured 2 years ago in Quilting Arts Magazine which was a big thrill for us. 

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  1. Great looking - I love the bundles all hanging from their strings as much as I love the results. Isn't is fascinating how much variety there is? Wow!