Wednesday, November 16, 2011

OH YEAH!! I'm back in business - Color Theory - Student Art

It feels so good to have my blog back.  Thanks to junior Emily Yang who figured out my problem and helped me fix it, plus taught me some new stuff too!  So I guess that old saying about teaching an old dog new tricks holds true  LOL 
I've been dying to share what I got out of my new Beginning 2-d kids; these gorgeous, colorful works of art.  The assignment was to design, mix and paint a color wheel, and then to also design, mix and paint a monochromatic, value, and analogous color scheme scale, along with the 3 dominant complementary sets and their neutrals.  A lot of color theory stuff.  They could combine it all on one piece of paper or they could divide it up between 2 papers. 
Above, senior Joseph Chon has combined his into one glorious piece.  Plus he's added a bit of visual texture.  Below sophomore Megan Yeu has executed this amazingly complex work and is also  throwing in some visual texture with a felt tip marker.  

I have so many talented beginners this year and I'm so excited to be working with them.  Above we have senior Michelle Chang with her beautifully painted Theme Park...
and these next two belong to sophomore Jessica Perez, who like Megan, is some real up and coming talent to our art program.  Jessica's color wheel is above and her color schemes below.  She is coming to me with impeccable craftsmanship and solid design skills. 
And then this last one was done by senior Tiffany Yeh, who when she began working on this, blew me out of the water with her drawing and design skills.  Where have you been girl for the past 3 years?  So many of these talented kids wait to take my class till their senior year and then they are gone.  It's just soooo sad!
For EXTRA CREDIT on a multi-colored piece of paper (use your critical thinking skills on how to get a mult-colored paper, there are lots of ways), cut out the shape of a fish, and on one side put your name and period, and on the other side write down the name of the art student from above whose piece(s) you liked the best.  Please hand me your beautiful fish when you walk in the door.  The more work you put into this fish the more points you will earn.  You could even make it 3-dimensional rather then 2-d for more points.  Oh boy, I can't wait to see them!


  1. I have come to the conclusion that your students are either over achievers (most likely), have too much time on their hands, or just really love art. Also, you were right about the whole old dog thing!!! Haha sorry Mother I couldn't resist.

  2. I would love to know the parameters or guidelines on this project... it looks awesome!