Monday, November 28, 2011

Sagger Fired Mounted Clay Sculptures

These wonderful pieces belong to my 2nd year clay kids.  It was their first time to build with porcelain clay and they loved it.  Afterwards we sagger fired them in a trash can and then some of the kids choose to rub metallic compounds over top their surface.  Above senior David Hyun sculpted a moonstone with a cityscape on top.  Then after it came out of the sagger fire he used an ink pen to draw images and text along the side panels.  What a cool piece David.
The students were also required to mount the sculptures on a wooden base that would flow visually with the sculpture.  I love that  David built another cityscape on the wood.  Very clever boy!
Check out this expressive piece above by senior Tiffany Liu.  Love the metallics she rubbed on the body and the sand and shells she embellished with on the wood block.  All the kids were required to sculpt an expressive face into their sculpture.  I definitely think Tiffany's was the most expressive and playful.  Below senior Hanna Woo really stepped out of the single wood block mount by combining several pieces of wood on which to mount her apple.  Hanna actually made the blocks interactive by drilling larger holes thru all the blocks so they could swivel and be re-positioned.  Brilliant idea!!  And because she used various woods, when she rubbed them with finishing oil, they looked fabulous.  Her final move was drizzling paint down the wood to bring in some black for visual flow with sagger colored apple.
Wow you guys, Great Work!!

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