Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Late Summer Garden

Since I don't have a big yard to play in anymore, I give all my attention to my balconies.  These first two shots are on my studio's second floor balcony.  The impatiens and lobelia were beautiful this year, and are continuing to bloom into the fall.  My tree (I think it's called a Carolina, but looks like a ficus) is getting big and falls over whenever the Santa Ana's blow into town.  I recently had Jim drill a hole into stucco wall and anchor that bad boy.  It survived this last weekends onslaught.  Yippee!!  I'm even getting my fushias to grow and bloom because I have a lot of good shade on this balcony.
Below is our second story bedroom balcony that gets full sun.  So on the railing Zach and I planted boysenberry and black raspberry vines.  I lost the raspberry plant, but the boysenberry produced fruit all summer long.  I've got a spider plant that throws off it's babies over the edge for a very pretty look, and my pink and red bougainvillia bloomed all summer long in the far corners.  
But my favorite flower this summer was the lily that Zach gave me for Mother's day.  I planted the bulb in May and it bloomed for me in late June.  Ahh...  :)

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