Friday, September 2, 2011

Preliminary Water Based Pastels - Student Work

The creative, beautiful solutions that my students come up with always astound me and makes me so glad I teach where I do.  In 4th Quarter, my beginning 2-d kids explore lots of color media along with shading and shadows.  These pieces here are done with the chalky water based pastels (I posted the oil pastels a couple days ago if you want to scroll down), and it was my students first time giving them a try. 
The gorgeous piece above was done by extremely talented junior Michelle Lee.  In all her pieces she manages to convey a sense of movement thru lots of visual texture.  Look at all those layers of different colors she puts down, dang she's good!
I feel so bad, for some reason I didn't write down the name of the student who did the piece above, but if I had to guess I'd say it was either done by senior Karen Pan, or juniors Crislyn Ogawa or Janice Min.  If any of you are following this blog let me know if I'm on the right track here.  Anyways, I love the composition above.
Below we have senior Jennifer Park with this fun beach ball.  I had the students work on top of black construction paper, cuz it seems to make the colors pop. 
Senior Rachel Kim did the very clever design above, and below senior Tiffany Wang drew this lovely bird/cherry compostion.
And lastly we have another very talented junior who I hope returns to me this year for 2nd year 2-d, Gary Fong.

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  1. Beautiful compositions.
    Great examples of work illustrating shading and shadows.