Sunday, September 4, 2011

Florida Honeymoon - Part II

Because of all the thunderstorms we had to find other things to do besides beach stuff.  So we went on line to find other amusements we could visit.  Zach found Lion Country Safari about an hour from where we were staying.  We were able to stay in our car and get very close to the animals which was way cool.
It was the hottest part of the day so many of the animals were relaxing and not moving around too much.  I'm going to try my best to identify the animals from the brochure they gave us.  The park was divided into separate sections cuz some of the animals don't mix well with each other.  In the Ruaha National Park we saw the Greater Kudu, an antelope.  These babies above don't have their horns yet, and below we have the big daddy watching over his charges. 
In the Serengeti Plains we saw a grouping of Ostrich, and in the Kalahari Bushveldt, the Gensbok below. This guy was missing one of his horns.
I loved this shot of the Wildebeest  (or he might have been a Water Buffalo) with his bird buddy on his back.  We also saw quite a few camels. 
The Impalas above were so graceful, and below the Wildebeest below had such beautiful markings on their sides.
Loved the striped horns on the Waterblicks, and their behinds made for a great shot!
The Southern White Rhino was impressive, but the Zebras where our favorites.
They were right next to our car, and so playful...
as were the Chimpanzee's in the Hwange National Park.
And our ride ended with the elegant giraffes.  The whole car sight seeing tour took about an hour and a half, and was a great way to spend our day, inside the air-conditioning of our rental car. 

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