Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fused Wire Wrapped Glass & Silver Solder - Student Work

My 2nd year 3-d class loved working with glass and they had so much fun designing these pieces.  Most of them had learned to cut glass in the first year class when we did mosaics, but it's still always a challenge cutting the exact shape you want.  I fired the pieces in my clay kiln but at a much lower temp.  The kids made 4 different pieces.  A full fused pendant, a partial fused wire wrapped pendant, and they also had to silver solder around their full fused piece. Lastly they learned to solder around two small panes of glass with something special encased between the panes, and to solder jump rings.
These top works belong to junior Nandi Best (sorry Nandi, I know I photoed that one upside down) 
This next very unusual piece was created by 9th grader Aman Patel.  I love it because it's so different then everybody else.  Below we also have 2 more of Aman's works.
I love how senior Jessica Jay wire wrapped her pendents with all the spirals, and below we see the very cool work of senior Hillary Chan.
Junior Carolina Navor made the two stunning pieces above, and below we have four beauties done by junior Kelsea Lee.
I'm thinking senior Albert Choi had love on his mind when he made the two pieces above :), and lastly we have these pretties below by senior Florence Buendia.  So seniors, I hope when you come back to visit this next school year you will be wearing one of your lovely pendants around your necks.  I know alumni Rikaya Obilio still wears hers on a chain around her neck everyday. 


  1. Working with glass is so much fun. I especially enjoy fusing decals on to glass and for the younger kids it is a safer option. Love the work. Lynda

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