Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our Florida Honeymoon - Part 1

Even though Jim and I were married on April 27th, we didn't get to go on our honeymoon till I was out of school.  Hobe Sound, Florida was our destination to celebrate our marriage with our children and Jim's dad and stepmother.  We wanted all our children with us, but Jim's two couldn't get away.  So off we flew with my two to meet their new grandparents, Bette and Vinny. 
Zach conked out immediately, Dani stopped napping when she was 18 months old.
Jimmy can fall asleep anytime, anywhere...
and I vacillate between the two with my crochet hook in hand, but not getting much done.
We arrived in Fort Lauderdale, rented our car and drove as the sun was setting, an hour and a half north to Hobe Sound.
The next day it was off to the beach.  Vinny and Bette live in a beautiful resort community less than a mile from the beach and Jupiter Island.  It was one of our only days of sun.  The weather most of the rest of the week was thunderstorms.
Because of the rainy weather, Day 2 we drove to West Palm Beach and walked Worth Avenue, it's like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, very expensive shopping.  We just walked and peeked in the windows.
We found an amazing courtyard amongst the shops along with a sculpture garden, and glorious orchids growing in the tree limbs.
Jim also drove us by Donald Trump's Mar-A-Lago home.  Above is the back side where he docks his boat.  The grounds are huge with several out buildings along with the main house.
The next day off we went to a Botanical Garden right outside Palm Beach.  We were able to see so many different kinds of vegetation.  It was right up mine and Zach's alley, so many tropical flowers in bloom, except it was hotter than all get out, in the 90's with almost 100% humidity.
What was so cool were all the butterflies around us.  They weren't scared so we were able to take their pix.
There were several ponds with blooming waterlilies...
stag horn ferns growing from trees, and lots of wild mushrooms.
Here Jim and Dan are looking as if they might wilt and melt away, it's soooo hot!
The trees are really cool in Florida, sending down roots from above, then attaching themselves to the main tree trunk
And then of course here is my silly new husband getting his arm stuck in one of the tree truck openings.  We had so much fun as you can see, stay tuned for part two tomorrow.

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