Monday, September 5, 2011

Florida Honeymoon - Part III

So even though the weather was wet, the kids still wanted to try one more day at the beach...
but as you can see it was pretty overcast.
And then it started to rain, then pour, then lightening and thunder.  A full-on crazy storm.  It was so bad we couldn't even get to our car.  So we sat it out for about an hour under an awning we found.
Jim embraced the storm and let himself get completely drenched.  He's so much fun, ya just never know what he's gonna do next.
When we got back to Bette and Vinny's, the weather let up so after dinner we climbed aboard The Sposa's golf cart and played a couple of holes...
with Bette and pup Rocco cheering us on.  Rocco's favorite part about golfing is riding in the cart and picking up balls along the way.
But then it started to rain again, big huge drops.
Dani, Bette, Rocco and me stayed in the cart, cuz you know us girls don't like to get our hair wet, but Zach and Jim just kept on playing, and boy oh boy, did they have a ball!
After 5 days it was time for Zach and Dan to fly back home early, Zach had to be at work the next day.  And man oh man, was it hard for me to let them fly by themselves.  Of course they were excited but I was a nervous wreak.  I watched them walk down that corridor and Dani got stopped by security and they did one of those full body searches on her.  I was freaking out but she was fine with it.  They flew out of Fort Lauderdale in one of the worse thunder storms that we had seen all week.  But they had no trouble and arrived at L.A.X. on time.
Jim and I had 3 more days to ourselves so of course what do we do, I drag him all over the state trying to find fiber shops.  My favorite was the one above called Great Balls of Yarn in a town above Hobe Sound called Stewart.  And he dragged me to every thrift store in the state cuz that's his thing.  We actually found a couple of pretty cool things to bring home.
But the best part of the trip was getting to relax and spend time with Bette and Vinny.
And to play and feed Rocco his favorite treat...
ice cream!
Thank you Bette and Vinny for another wonderful time in your lovely home, for all the delicious foods you treated us to, and for being so generous with my children and treating them like your own grand babies.  We miss you so much already and can't wait to get back there next year. 
We Love You so much!
The flight home was a beautiful site because we flew into the setting sun, and then when we got home we had the most gorgeous skyline on our hill.

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