Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Solar Printed Cards - Student Work

These sweet little cards were made by my Beginning 3-d class as their end of the year final last school year. I gave them each a piece of photo sensitive fabric that they laid out their design onto and then exposed the fabric to the sun. Wherever their design touched stayed white but the rest that was exposed turned a lovely shade of blue. Then I asked them to cut the fabric into strips and use it as weft to weave onto a thick piece of white board that they had warped with multi-colored sewing string. Then they mounted that into a card format. They results were all very unique and the kids really enjoyed the assignment. The shots above and below were the work of senior Ashley Chang. She also brought in some very cool embellishing with pearle cottons and some stamping with pencil eraser heads. I also like what she did with the inside.

Another piece that was really fun belonged to senior Kevin Ni (below). He also embellished with some stamping, and with a few of his polymer clay beads that he had made earlier in the year. It was my first time to use solar fabric in this card assignment, usually we sew it into pillows, so it was a nice change for me.

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