Thursday, September 9, 2010

Glueline Portraits - Student Art

I love this assignment because the kids get to be playful and loose after working so tightly during the drawing unit. I partner them with each other and ask them to draw one another with the tip of a glue bottle. This abstracts the piece right off the bat, which is one of their requirements. After the glues dries they come back in with oil pastel. I encourage them to abstract the face and hair color with the pastels, as well as put in as much range of value as possible. I also ask that they fill in the background with something fun. So these are the results. The top piece was done by senior Sonya Liu of 8th grader Jarick Simbol. And the one below was created by senior Jodon Gonzalez of senior Melissa Panganiban.

This next one above was done by junior Paul Kim of junior Betty Tong, and the one below belongs to Betty who of course then did Paul. It's so cool to see the different interpretations.

The above one was created by senior Jeremy Chung of senior Heather Shim, and then below, senior Alma Gudino drew senior Akash Baheti.

And lastly we have senior Brian Choi working with senior Nandini Kannan. These are all kids from the previous school year. It will be a few weeks before I start posting this years students.

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