Friday, September 17, 2010

Lidded Containers - Student Work

These containers were handbuilt by my 2nd year Ceramics students last school year using a slab/pinch/paddle technique that's really fun to build with. They were supposed to also incorporate texture and have a tight fitting lid, with knobs and handles so it could be really functional. The results were wonderful. The fabulous piece above was built by senior Steven Ebalobar.

Senior Ekta Doshi's piece was so varied I had to take 3 different shots so you could truly appreciate all that she did with this assignment. What a creative designer she is! Both kids used a staining technique to finish off their pieces. Steven stained with red iron oxide and Ekta dipped her whole piece in our black glaze, left it alone on the inside , but wiped it off on the outside, so that her piece has a slight sheen to it, plus the glaze remained in all the crevices to highlight her details.

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