Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Framed Art in Mr. Z's Room

One of my all time favorite teachers here at Whitney, Rod Ziolkowski, who leads our Science Dept. and who also teaches Multi-Media, is an art lover. He is always one of the first teachers to show up at my Open House Art Preview, and he usually buys several pieces each year, oftentimes spending hundreds of dollars (his wife, Nancy Z, who also teaches Science here, does too). Then over the summer he again spends another several hundred to frame them out. It's so much fun for me and my students to see their pieces on display in his room. The above wall is already full, and now he is hanging the pieces from last year on another wall.

So here is a close up of some of the art he bought last year and framed, sorry about the glare in the shots. The top two were done by seniors Sonya Liu and Shabnaz Klondaker. And the lower two were created by again Shabnaz and senior Jeremy Chung.

And this bottom piece was done by senior Brandon Liao. For EXTRA CREDIT, to be e-mailed to me by Thursday night, Sept. 9th at dartisun@gmail.com, send me a pix of any of the other teachers or support staff that have Whitney student art hanging in their classrooms or offices. Take a pix of the art not the teachers! LOL My room and Mr. Z's room won't count since I already have both. THIS HAS TO BE SENT FROM YOU OR YOUR PARENTS E-MAIL ADDRESS, your friends can't do it for you.

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