Monday, September 27, 2010

Our New Arrival

Wanted to show off the 2 girls in my life, little Princess Sophia Agrums Sposa and my daughter Danielle. Sophie arrived 2 Saturdays ago after we got her from a rescue at Pet Co in Anaheim Hills (she brought with her the name Princess) Here she is above on her first day with us. She is a soft coat Wheaten Terrier mix, about 7 months old or so the vet tells us. She is affectionate and so happy and loving. She follows us all over the house and we can take her outside without a leash and she comes right back after she does her business. Jim has taught her to sit and she will go up the stairs for me if I ask her to so she doesn't get out when I pull the car out in the morning. A very smart young one. Danielle and I had a photo shoot with her Saturday night after she went to the groomers to get a bath and trim.

She loves to play fetch with her new favorite chew rope and will bring it right back after you throw it and she releases so you can throw it again. Did I already tell you how smart she is. LOL
So welcome to your new home Sophie. For EXTRA CREDIT bring me a pix of your pup to share. Put your name and period on the back side.

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