Monday, October 12, 2009

The Remakable Katherine England - Pro Mosaic Artist

In preparation for the Annual Fullerton Spring Garden Tour this year in which Katherine's amazing home and garden will be featured, let me show off her newest garden creation in it's step by step construction. Looks like she's staring here by sawing into some type of soft Styrofoam, and then below, stacking and gluing these pieces to form the foundation of her piece. Then she's taking a rasp to the whole thing to further enhance the form.

(Above) Next comes the sticking on of the flexible netting to hold the concrete slurry that's being slathered on by one of her very good looking helpers. :) (below)

And then we have Katherine gluing down the glass shards. Notice how gorgeous she looks no matter that it's probably over a 100 degrees inside her garage studio. And look at that glorious mane of hair that woman has!

Looks like another friend helping her to grout her piece.

And then the finished green man. Knowing Katherine she probably whipped this piece out in less that a week or so. She's that talented and when she starts something she bulldozes through it till it's done. You are incredible Katherine! You inspire me everyday.

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