Thursday, October 1, 2009

7th Grade Linear Textural Designs with Watercolor

I am so pleased with the way these sweet little designs turned out. I gave my 7th graders a lesson on linear textures as well as watercolor washes for backgrounds, and away they went to create these beauties. No pencil sketches were allowed on top of the watercolor backgrounds; they had to freehand these in felt tip markers, so their craftsmanship skills were really put to the test. Above you can see pieces from the entire class.

This one done by Sergio Garcia was one of my favorites. He really understood what I wanted.

Both Yasmeen Pardo's watercolor and textural lines really captured my attention.

And Eduardo Jacinto's piece really popped!

Loved the sensitive stylings of Smruthi Maganti.

And Katy Uchiyama's piece was gorgeous, such precision and a beautiful wash.

Michelle Chung interpreted the assignment as lines and shapes and created this wonderful piece.

As did Paul Dean Versteeg III who managed to also create an atmospheric feeling with his background wash.

Another creative interpretation by Athena Mao. Very cool piece Athena!

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