Monday, October 19, 2009

Intermediate 2-d Art Quarter Final - Student Art

My second year drawing/painting students have just finished learning 1 & 2 point perspective and now they will be going on location around the school (either inside or outside) to draw what they see building-wise in 1 or 2 point. Then they will be required to alter reality within the foundation's structure. This top piece done last year by alum Mindy Cho was done from the bench outside Senora Barry's room looking into the food court area. You can see the actual building in the mid left corner as well as one of our picnic benches but everything else she pretty much altered. A fabulous piece Mindy! And down below is alum Amanda Garcia's piece from last year. Her viewpoint was from our V.P.'s office by the flamingo planter looking toward Senora Barry's room. Your attention to detail was amazing Amanda, and both girls had beautiful shading styles and craftsmanship. Mindy's piece was in 2-point and Amanda's work was 1-point.

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