Wednesday, October 21, 2009

7th Grade Art Wheel - Collaged Jewelry Boxes

A Great Big Thank You to all the Whitney High Staff and the owner of Discoveries Gallery in Tustin who helped me to collect over 120 jewelry boxes that my 7th graders could collage on top of. After a color theory unit my students were asked to pick only one color scheme to work within and to find beautiful papers to collage onto the boxes. This top one was a group effort for one of the teachers who gave me many of her old boxes. After a few of the boys finished theirs I asked them to start on this one as a favor to me, and then I finished it up. So thank you to 7th graders Edurado Jacinto, Paul Dean Versteeg III, and Jun Son for your help! These boxes were made to house wire necklace pendants that the students made a couple weeks ago. I will post those at a later date. And as part of a package design unit the students were taught 7 different pattern/textures that they had to stamp onto tissue paper. That paper was then used to wrap around their pendants in the interior of the box for a more complete look (as shown below).

One of my very favorite boxes was made by Smruthi Maganti (above), and then two others that I felt were terrific as well belong to Deborah Gordillo and Ju Eun Lee (below).

And look at these gorgeous ones created by Athena Mao, Edurado Jacinto (above) and Karisma Dev (below) A wonderful job by all!

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