Thursday, October 29, 2009

Color Pointalism - Student Art

My 3rd year drawing/painting students just finished up a unit in color pointillism (drawing only with dots of color much as Seurat did in Sunday in the Park). What I love the most about working with my kids at Whitney are their highly developed critical thinking skills and us always encouraging them to think outside the box. First of all I require them to come up with an original idea to work with and then give them a minimum set of goals to each within the piece. But I really encourage them to bring a twist to their work, to come up with a new idea within the medium that no one has seen here at Whitney. So I've had kids lay watercolor down first and do their pointillism over that , but senior Jullian Kho wanted to know if it would be OK to watercolor over top the water based felt tip markers we use. I told it it would probably bleed out her work, but I also encouraged her to give it a try and see what happens. We both really liked the look so off she went on the piece above.
Junior Jason Kwon choose to work in the traditional manner in his gorgeous landscape while senior Hannah Park watercolored over her image but controlled it so it wouldn't bleed out her work. Great solutions all of you. Below is a close up of Jason and Hannah's pieces. These pieces are extremely time consuming and require a lot of patience which you can see my students have in abundance!

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  1. I think these are fantastic. My daughter and I just stumbled on your blog after a google search for examples of pointalism. Bravo! Thank you for all your time and effort with these clearly wonderful students.