Monday, May 11, 2009

Understructure of Mosaic Sphere

I often get asked if my mosaic ball is a solid mass of cement. So last week when Katherine was starting a new sphere class at the Muck, I shot the next few pix.

You start with a bouncy ball from the super market, the kind that you find in the big cages at the beginning of springtime. Then you spray the heck out of it with primer before applying the cement.

A close-up of the application of the cement slurry over top the patches of adhesive netting, over top the sprayed ball. Two coats of this process are necessary to built up a strong structure to be able to mosaic on top of . And after the cement is dry if it's too lumpy bumpy, you must smooth things out with a metal file (a real pain the the a__!) Makes a big mess too. But so much fun. Loved working with the cement, it was my very first time.


  1. I put rigid wrap around styrofoam balls and when I apply my thinset, I thin it down on the last layer and "paint" it on with a brush. Makes for a smooth surface. Didn't ever think about rubber balls. Sure cheaper than other kinds!love your finished work.