Thursday, May 7, 2009

Preliminary Oil Pastels - Student Art

I rarely show all the students pieces for each assignment, but I got lucky this time cuz they were so small and I was able to fit them into my lens :) For the last 2 months I have worked my beginning drawing/painting students realistically, so that by 4th quarter they need a change of pace. I introduce a variety of color media and in this particular unit we are working with oil pastel. For their preliminary pieces they had to simply move their foreground, background and sphere from light to dark to achieve a wide value range so that everything looks dimensional. Composition is also stressed along with creating a horizon and cast shadows. I encourage the students to be more creative as they build their composition so that I don't get all spheres.
Always doing some of the most beautiful pieces in the class is senior Kristina Le. So gifted!

A close up of a few of the better ones. From left to right, top to bottom are juniors Mary Lou Bunn and Brandon Liao, juniors Shabnaz Khandoker and Esther Lee, senior Rachel Rilloraza and 8th grader Michaela Platt. And this is their first experience in this medium. Aren't these wonderful? !!

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