Friday, May 29, 2009

Julia Meng - Student Art

This is one of Julia's latest works. It is a phenomenal piece that has many layers of interest to please the eye. Plus a lot of prep work went into the building of it. She was inspired by an article in the May/June 2007 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors on Paper Quilts by mixed media artist Kelli Perkins from Holland, Michigan (see Kelli Nina Perkins in Artists I Follow). Julia began by making separate collages of mixed media in each of the colorways in her piece. So she built a red/orange/yellow one, a blue/red/yellow one, etc. After they were dry she cut them up into various pieces that she reassembled onto a foundation collage. Then she sewed all the pieces down with a sewing machine (she ran into a lot of difficulty getting around some of her curves, but she hung in there). Afterwards she laid down some additional watercolor to help define images. Below is a close up of this incredibly complex piece.


  1. Stunning! I am, in return, inspired. This is such a complex and arresting piece. I can see that there are many more wonderful things to come from Julia.

  2. Totally cool!!! I want to try this too.

    I tried to sew cardstock and boy did I end up with a few jagged spots, as soon as the needle pulled out of the paper, the paper shifted...

  3. Thanks for posting this! :)
    It's so cool that the artist who inspired me could actually see this!